Go The Distance Virtual Challenge

It is hard to stay motivated in these challenging times of social distancing, working from home and new routines, but we are here to help!

By setting yourself the ‘Go The Distance Virtual Challenge’ you will have 30 days to run your chosen distance which is a great way to keep running regularly and stay motivated. Simply choose a distance (25/50/100km) and chip away at it by completing smaller runs / walks in a 30 day period where and when you like. That can be out on the road, on an off road trail, on a treadmill or in your back garden. It all counts! Start your challenge at a time that suits you, then you have 30 consecutive days to achieve your chosen distance.

Go The Distance Virtual race medal
Event Distance:25 - 100 KM

There are distances to suit everyone- 25k, 50k, or 100k. Complete this in a 30 day period and then submit your evidence– like data from your smart watch / tracker or an app you use to track your running. A simple screen shot or picture is just fine.

Then the huge 100mm shiny medal, pair of running socks and awesome certificate is yours. 

Medals will be posted out on completion of your challenge starting from 2nd November 2020.

Keep motivated and set your self the 'Go The Distance Virtual Challenge' now.

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