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People sliding down a water slide at Muddy Runs Nuclear Fallout

Nuclear Fallout

06 February 2021
South East
Starting Price 7K £59.50 £12K £69.50

Fallout is our Nuclear winter beast…The one you need to train for – take it for granted and it’ll bite you. It’s our…

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Athletes running the Winter 10K Build up series - March

Winter 10K Build up series - March

21 March 2021
South East

Join us this winter for a pre-breakfast guided trail run through the beautiful woods and open ridgelines of…

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People taking part in the Muddy Runs 5K Inflatable Run - Peterborough

5K Inflatable Run - Peterborough

13 November 2021
East of England

Peterborough here we come! Get ready to experience the ultimate 5k inflatable obstacle run in the UK. The course is…