London to Oxford Trek

From the Capital to the historic university city of Oxford, heart trekkers can walk 100km through the day and through the night in one of our most difficult and prestigious endurance challenges.

Man and woman are walking through the night in the London to Oxford Trek charity walk

£50 - £60
Event Time:
Event Date: 
12/05/2018, 13/05/2018
Event Distance:
50 - 100KM

Charity Walk Course

Registration for the London to Oxford Trek 2018 is now open!

Sign up and take on our ultimate endurance event, walking 100km continuously through the day and night, equating to 145,000 steps in the fight against heart disease. This event will be a great experience for those looking for the ultimate challenge, who are ready to put in plenty of training and enjoy what is going to be a serious test of both your mental and physical stamina. 

'I thought this was going to be easy, but oh I was wrong - such a sense of achievement once we made it to the end. Walking 100km is much harder than I thought!' - London to Oxford 2017 Heart Trekker

You must be 16 years old to take part, and under-18's must be accompanied by an adult. Because of the testing nature of the trek we would recommend that you train for this challenge and take part with a friend or as part of a team. If you would prefer a paper registration form, please download the form here and email it to events@bhf.org.uk

Your entry fee covers the cost of organising the event, but it's the money you raise that powers our life saving research. Previous Heart Trekkers have aimed to raise £400 to take on this event, and many look at joining our 500 Club, becoming a champion fundraiser and joining the fight against heart disease.

By taking part in the London to Oxford Trek you are helping the British Heart Foundation continue their fight against Heart Disease. Our vision is a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from heart disease. Thanks to you, we’ve made great progress. With you, we’ll beat it.

Event Location: Spelthorne Leisure Centre, Knowle Green, Staines upon-Thames, TW18 1AJ

Charities & Sponsors

British Heart Foundation

Email Address: events@bhf.org.uk
Phone number: 0845 130 8663