Lake District Scrambling Weekend

Have you wanted to do some classic routes in the Lakes but didnt feel you could? Why not look as coming with us us for a weekend of scrambling the some of the most classic ridges the Lake District has to offer and On the Iconic mountains.

A man walking up the mountain in the Lake District Scrambling Weekend charity walk
Event Time:11:00 am
Event Date:26 May 2018
Event Distance:20 Miles

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What is a Walking challenge?

A great relaxing way to raise funds for your favorite charity is by participating in walking challenges in the UK. Walking challenges are fun, fulfilling and enable you to fully enjoy and engage with the route you take. You can find walking events that take you through parks, cities, countryside or even to the top of mountains. Varying in length and difficulty they are a great way to keep fit and healthy whilst raising money for a great cause

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Charity Walks

Anyone can take part in charity treks or a sponsored walk or charity trek whatever their level of fitness, this makes them ideal for anyone wanting to take part as a way to raise money for a great cause. There is less rigorous training or preparation needed compared to a run, but you’ll still want to get yourself ready as you need endurance more than anything. Any walks for charity can provide great motivation to keep up your training regime and propel you to the finish line.


Training and Preparation

Walking challenges can vary from a 5k walk or 10k walk up to larger challenges such as walking marathons or even sponsored walks for charity that may span a few days. You will need a good amount of endurance as many challenges incorporate uphill and downhill sections that will tire you out quickly if you are not used to long distance walking. It is critical for you to exercise regularly in order to improve your endurance and begin to build up stronger leg muscles that can withstand hours and hours of use.

Ideally, you should begin training by walking three times a week – use a mix of leg exercises combined with core strengthening techniques to build and improve muscle. And walk, a lot. You can easily incorporate walking in to your lifestyle – a trip to the shop, visiting family or friends etc can all be done of foot rather than taking the car.

You’ll want to try and give yourself some routes that you can practice on and try to extend the length of these walks. Start off with just a few miles and slowly try to build up to longer distances.

Mix it up

Once you’ve got accustomed to walking longer distances, you can then start to take your activity on to different types of surfaces. These should ideally include grass, hill and pavement, and in different weather conditions.

Your training program should never be all work and no play – you can reward yourself with treats or goals at the end of walks. Instead of taking the car to the movies, walk instead and use that as your motivation.



Food for thought

People mostly worry about what to eat or drink during training and at the walking event. There are no hard and fast rules to this – jut make sure to drink lots of water or sports drinks to keep yourself hydrated and energised. You need to have a healthy daily intake of proteins and carbs to maintain your energy levels and ensure you don’t burn out. During the walk you can eat carbs and energy containing foods to keep you going to fight the fatigue.


Get the right Gear

Apart from nutrition, invest in some good clothing and walking shoes or boots. Although walking boots or shoes can be a bit costly, they are durable and won’t give you blisters. Similarly, you want to buy high-quality socks that won’t rub your feet too much and allow your feet to breath. Also it’s worth having a second pair spare just in case they get wet during the walk.

A majority of walkers prefer to wear lightweight trousers and a sports top for the main event. Whilst not essential, like socks, they will allow your skin to breath and keep sweat away whilst keeping you warm. Furthermore, carry a pair of gloves to keep if you will be walking in cold areas.

You may also consider carrying a small emergency kit with things such as plasters or creams should you get stung by the wildlife. There are also a variety of gadgets you can take with you too. If you are walking an unfamiliar route then a mapping or GPS system will come in very handy in case you get lost. If the route will be over a few days, then a battery pack for your mobile phone will help in case of emergencies.

Taking part in a challenging walk can be exhilarating and rewarding, but don’t forget to take adequate rest during the training period. Do not push yourself beyond your limit and most of all, enjoy the experience!


Top Walking Challenges in the UK

We have picked out the best walking challenges taking place in 2020. We have lots more listings available, just click on the 'Walking Events' tab at the top of this page to find them.

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

Spend a weekend out in the Yorkshire countryside in September. Scaling 3 peaks in two days this is a difficult but very rewarding event. With some fantastic scenery including the limestone outcrops and unusual rock formations.

Find out more about the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challange


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As well as completing these ridges, we also aim to help improve your scrambling skills and give you the confidence to go out and try small grade 1 routes by yourself.

Day One

The first day you will meet your guide/ guides dependant on numbers and the rest of the group in the beautiful village of Glenridding by Ulswater with the aim of the day is to scramble to the summit of Helvellyn via Striding Edge and returning via the path down towards Patterdale or If the group if confident then we can return via the equal great but short scramble of Swirral Edge back to Glenridding. Striding Edge is an incredible knife edge arete which involves some really interesting scrambling, and many more photo opportunities. Our aim woukd be to get you across safely . Helvellyn is reached after Striding Edge, where on a good day you get to enjoy an amazing panorama of the entire Lake District with even more chances to take some fantastic photos. This day lasts the region of 6-8 hours. we always move at the slowest person so we dont feel rushed. we are a team and the group needs to stay together.

Day Two

is centred around Scales village and the beautiful iconic mountain of Blencathra. The day will start up the underated Halls fell ridge, but we feel its the best way to go up. An hour or so of uphill brings us to some excellent scambling on small buttresses. of Halls Fell Ridge as you finish the ridge right on the top of Blencathra and you must go round the little circle to complete the tradition of summiting. A short descent to Scales Tarn where we can sit relax and enjoy our lunch, its the most tranquil and peaceful tarn in the lake district national park. The Afternoon will have the group ready for the main event - Sharp Edge. Sharp Edge (Formerly Razor Edge) is as you'd expect - Sharp! With some cautious scrambling we make our way across Sharp Edge and up the exit ramp to bring the scrambling for the weekend to a close. We have multiple descent routes off of Blencathra, which include Doddick Fell and Blease Fell. Unfortunately due to the rock type of Blencathra, traversing Sharp Edge in the wet is not an option. Should it be wet (and we can't swap the days to get better weather) we will offer an alternative route). for your safety the Guides will make the decision for you to make sure you are safe. There are many accidents on these scrambles and we aim to make them fun and safe but to help you gain the skills and confidence to go out and enjyo scrambling. Then its onto Crib Goch or the Carn Mor Dearg Arete onto Ben Nevis!

This event is an 'Open Event' Over 16s unless accompanied by an adult who will be legal guardian and there are a maximum of 16 ( 8 people per each guide ) places available. You will be accompanied by one fully qualified and first aid trained leader per 8 people group.

Please note this is for the days event. You will need to supply your own accomodation and food for both days. Each day will finish with a debrief in one of the many but fantastic public inns.

Event Location : , Keswick, CA12

54.601276, -3.134706

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