What is the average time for a sprint triathlon?

If you have your first sprint triathlon coming up, you’ll probably be wondering what the average time for completing this race is. As you may know, triathlons are multidisciplinary events, bringing swimming running and cycling together in one race. Signing up for a triathlon event, is a great way to get started in the sport and to motivate you to keep to your training.

There are 5 triathlon distances that are recognised as standard, and for each of those distances there will be a different average time. However, as there are many affecting factors such as the course terrain, age and gender, pinning down an average time for a triathlon distance is not an exact science. 

The next step up from a super sprint, the sprint distance, turns up the difficulty for each leg of the race. Although it’s a tougher event than a super sprint, with adequate preparation and training, it’s still an achievable distance for a beginner to the sport. To complete a sprint triathlon you’ll need to complete the following:

Swimming – 750m (0.5 miles)

Cycling – 20km (12.3 miles)

Running – 5km (3.1 miles)

For age group category competitors, a time of around 1 hour 30 minutes is a good goal to have in mind if you are hoping to achieve a good average time. For elite triathletes a time around the one hour mark could see you win the event!