Peak District Triathlon at Chatsworth

With a new cycle and run course for 2015, this new triathlon based at the UK's favourite stately home, Chatsworth House is a not to be missed event.

Triathletes taking part in the Peak District Triathlon at Chatsworth triathlons
Cost:£59 - £72
Event Time:09:00 am
Event Date:03 July 2016
Event Distance: Various


A triathlon is one of the trickiest and most difficult types of event you can try, but the challenge is what makes it great. It comprises of a swimming section, followed by a large bicycle ride, and finally a long stretch of running.

For anyone who has ever done an event involving one sport, such as a 10K run, and found themselves bored by the end, a triathlon might be the exciting fitness challenge you’ve been looking for! Combining three sports – swimming, cycling and running, a triathlon provides a varied and challenging workout that test your fitness and endurance across multiple disciplines.


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What is a triathlon made up of?

The distance of a triathlon can vary, but the race will always begin with a swim start. Depending on the length of the course this could be in a swimming pool or an open water swim such as a lake or sea. 

The swimming section of the triathlon is then followed by a cycling section – beginners don’t need to splash out on an expensive new bike, if you already own a mountain bike you can use that for your first few races! The cycling section is considered by many triathletes to be the most challenging part of the endurance event, with standard triathlon courses incorporating a 40km bike leg.

The final leg of the triathlon is a run. Again, the distance will vary depending on the length of the course, but a 10k run is considered standard for a triathlon. 

Between stages there is also a transition, which is often referred to as the fourth discipline. The transition area is where you change your kit between stages, for example switching from your cycling gear to your running shoes. The time it takes you to do this is counted as part of your total triathlon time, so serious triathletes will have got their transitions down to a fine art.

What are the benefits of taking part in a triathlon?

Triathlons are great for those who are looking to improve their fitness, lose weight but don’t like the idea of doing a regular marathon of running event. The varied stages keep training and competing challenging and interesting, providing a total body workout. Those prone to running injuries may also benefit from the swimming and cycling sections, as the movements are lower impact on joints.

Regardless of sprint length, triathlons are typically divided into age groups. This means that you will be competing alongside other triathletes who fall into the same band for age and sex as you, with the exception of triathletes who fall into the separate elite category.

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This is an ETU European Sprint Distance Championship Qualifier - please ensure that you have registered with the BTF if you are looking to qualify.


Based at one of the country's finest stately homes, Chatsworth House, this event is now a firm favourite on the UK triathlon calendar and also acknowledged as one of the toughest!


The river swim in the Derwent starts from the beautiful 18th century bridge and goes out and back in front of the iconic Chatsworth House.


The cycle route is a single loop for both standard and sprint races taking in some of the most beautiful scenes in the Peak District.


Both runs are a single lap; there is an extra loop beyond the Hunting Tower for the standard distance athletes who will run past more of Chatsworth's landmarks. 


Every finisher receives a fantastic medal and a free photograph to download. We have female waves and offer mates' waves to athletes who would like to do the event alongside their friends.


Bring the whole family - Chatsworth has a plethora of activities for all the family including a spectacular adventure playground, farmyard, house, restaurant, gardens and a stunning estate to enjoy. Race in the morning and stay to enjoy your day at Chatsworth.


The individual sprint distance entry fee is £59,  and the sprint relay is £72.

The individual standard distance entry fee is £65, and the standard relay is £75.

Event Location : Bakewell, Chatsworth House, DE45 1PP

53.2279753, -1.6115431000001

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