What is the average time for a Half Ironman triathlon?

With three disciplines covered in one race, swimming, cycling and running, a triathlon is a varied and challenging sport for any athlete to get their teeth into. If you have done a few sprint or Olympic triathlons and have decided to take on a new challenge by moving up to a Half Ironman, you might be wondering what the average time to complete this race is. If you haven’t taken the plunge and signed up for your next race yet, you can find a great local triathlon event on our website, and having a race to prepare for is also a great way to stay motivated!

Each of the 5 recognised triathlon distances will be a different average time, and as one of the longest races you can expect a Half Ironman to take several hours to complete. There are also other affecting factors such as the course terrain, age and gender, and average times can still vary within different age groups for example. 

A Half Ironman, sometimes known as a 70.3 due to the number of miles in the race, is serious stuff! Competitors have to put in some serious training hours, so just completing a Half Ironman is a huge accomplishment. Here are the distances you need to complete:

Swimming – 1.9km (1.2 miles)

Cycling – 90km (56 miles)

Running – 21.1km (13.1 miles)

With such a long course there are a lot more factors that will affect average times, particularly age and gender. A good average for men in the 30-35 age bracket is around 6 hours, for women in the same age bracket 7 hours is a good target to aim for.