How long is a Half or Middle Ironman triathlon?

So, you’ve read up on and maybe even taken part in a triathlon or two, but did you know that there are actually 5 different race distances that are recognised in the world of triathlons? The different race lengths range from the super sprint, which is the shortest at just under 14km, to the full Ironman at just over 226km! As you may have guessed from the title a Half, or Middle, Ironman comes in at half of the total distance of a full Ironman

Triathlon races are divided into age groups. This means that you will be competing alongside other triathletes who fall into the same band for age and sex as you, with the exception of triathletes who fall into the separate elite category.

If you’ve completed an Olympic triathlon already and are thinking of taking the next steps to complete an Ironman, a Half Ironman is the perfect in between challenge to help keep you focused on increasing your fitness levels and training intensity.

How far do you need to swim, cycle and run in a Half Ironman triathlon?

If you’ve been looking at triathlon events to join, you’ll have seen some Ironman or Half Ironman events popping up.

A Half Ironman still follows the same structure as any other triathlon distance; swim start, cycle and running to the finish line. A longer distance again than the Olympic distance, serious training hours are needed to prepare for a Half Ironman. The total distance for a Half (or middle) Ironman is 70.3miles, which is broken down as:

Swimming – 1.9km (1.2 miles)

Cycling – 90km (56 miles)

Running – 21.1km (13.1 miles)


If you’re looking to work your way up to a Half Ironman, we would suggest first trying out a sprint or Olympic distance race.