Guildford Triathlon

Our 2020 Guildford Triathlon will take place at the Surrey Sports Park on 12th July. Secure your entry now!

A swimmer racing in pool at the Guildford Triathlon triathlons

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BTF-affiliated Sprint Triathlon event

500 meters swim course in the 50 meter Sports Park pool

100m dash across the grass to Astroturf transition

23km road bike

5.8km grass, smooth trail and some tarmac run (2 laps of 2.9km)


Age restriction, 15 and older as of 31st December 2019.


Aquathlon events for those aged 8-15 years. (Not BTF affiliated)

Single entry or Relay (Team of 3)



Adult Sprint Triathlon

500m pool swim MAP

23km road cycle G Map or Strava

5.8km trail, grass, pavement. 2 x 2.9k lap G Map or Strava

Transition Map


Children's Aquathlon Events age groupings are as follows...

Dolphin 1 - 8/9 years. 50m swim / 700m run

Dolphin 2 - 10/11 years. 200m swim / 1.75km run

Dolphin 3 - 12/15 years. 300m swim / 2.75km run

Event Location: Surrey Sports Park, Guildford, GU2 7AD