Foxlake Triathlon

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Fast and furious is the watchword - this is off-road Triathlon like you've never, ever, seen it before!. The course will be short - we're aiming for times of around 15-20 minutes. Yep, that's for the whole lot..... Swim, Bike and Run!. Here's the twist though - you will race several times over the course of the afternoon. You'll start in small waves of around 20 people. The fastest from each heat will progress to the next round. The more sedate will go in to 'repercharge' rounds. So, everyone races several times, and we end up with a Grand Final, a Wooden-Spoon Final, and everything in between. How much fun is this going to be?!. Go as hard or as easy as you like - it's a short course, and we're not fussed - do your own thing!. We think that if you do choose to go hard, you'll find it a tough day out with a constant cycle of race-reset-race....


Entries open to 17+


Please note: it will be possible to race in both the Solo and 4 x 4 Relay races if you choose. In fact, we set the event up specifically because we hoped people would do this!

Event Location: Hedderwick Hill, Dunbar , East Lothian , EH42 1XF