Foxlake Night Triathlon

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This is where it gets interesting!. This is off-road Triathlon like you've never, ever, seen it before!. We'll start just after dusk. Leave the stresses and strains of the working week behind you, and come and do sometihng spectacularly stupid. A short course open-water off-road triathlon, all elements of which will be in the dark. We'll sort you out with a glowstick to put in your swim cap, and we'll floodlight the lake a bit. Lights for the bike and run sections are your problem. Our advice: bring some. The course will be short - we're aiming for times of around 30-40 minutes. Yep, that's for the whole lot..... Swim, Bike and Run. Take it as fast or as easy as you like - on the rivet, or in the comfort zone. Either way, this should be fun. Then we'll go for some beers. On-site camping will also be possible after the race.


The course will be:

- approx 200m Open Water Swim (don't worry, the lake is shallow, so will be warm enough)

- approx 4km Mountain Bike (nothing wildy technical, but will be tricksy enough to catch you out if you hit it hard!)

- approx 2km Trail Run

Event Location: Hedderwick Hill, Dunbar, EH42 1XF