Craggy Island Triathlon

Athletes swimming on Craggy Island Triathlon triathlons

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Unique in the UK and probably the World, the Craggy Island Triathlon will have you swimming across the sound from the mainland to an island to start your race. How cool is that?. The island in this case is the rugged spectacular and completely unspoilt Isle of Kerrera, just off the West coast of Scotland near the busy town and harbour of Oban. The race is entirely off-road (there are no roads on the island, so there’s not much choice about that!), and will take you from sea level to the highest point of the island with spectacular views across the Firth of Lorne and Sound of Mull. Craggy Island Triathlon is a fundraiser for the Oban Mountain Rescue Team.


Craggy Island Tri Day 1 (550m Swim, 14km MTB, 8km Hill Run) - Saturday 5th Sept 2015.

Craggy Island Tri Day 2 (550m Swim, 14km MTB, 8km Hill Run) - Sunday 6th Sept 2015.


**NEW for 2015** Craggy Kids race (approx. 150m Swim, 6km MTB, 2km Run - Sunday 6th Sept 2015.

Event Location: Kerrera, Oban, PA34