What is a sprint triathlon?

If you’re thinking about completing your first triathlon you may be looking to find out a little more about this challenging race. All triathlon races are made up of three events, which come together to put the ‘tri’ in triathlon. If you’ve done a 10k race before and found that you don’t find running alone challenging enough, a triathlon is a great way to keep things fresh with quick changes between disciplines.

What disciplines make up a sprint triathlon?

As we’ve already mentioned, triathlons are made up of 3 distances from the 3 different disciplines – swimming, cycling and running, respectively. There is also what is known by triathletes at the ‘fourth discipline’ which is when you have to quickly change gear from one leg to the next, for example from cycling to running. As every second counts in the race, many experienced triathletes have got this down to a fine art!

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