Runny EGG

The Runny EGG 10K is back for the third year, and we’re really excited to once again be supporting the female-only EGG community! The Well EGG mission continues, and we’re encouraging you, and your girl gang, to get running and signed up for this glorious Girls Only event.

This year you’ll be surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of Dalkeith Country Park. We assure you, this pretty route will keep you entertained and distracted from the huff and puff, you’ll be at the finish line before you know it! It’s mixed underfoot conditions; tarmac, gravel and mud – so make sure you’ve broken in those running shoes!

No comparing, no racing, just girls supporting girls across the finish line – we can do this, together!

Runny EGG 2019, Dalkeith Country Park

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Event Location: Dalkeith Country Park, Dalkeith, EH22 1ST