Rivington Trail Half Marathon, Lancashire

Now establised as a trail classic, the Rivington Trail Half Marathon goes from strength to strength attracting a wide cross section of runners from good club athletes to charity runners taking more than 2 1/2hrs to complete the challenging route.

Participants running the Rivington Trail Half Marathon, Lancashire
Event Time:12:00 pm
Event Date:01 October 2016
Event Distance:13.1 Miles

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Running events are some of the most popular types of fitness events out there – and are one of the easiest to get in to, whilst being very tricky to master. Because of this, it is a great place to start when you want to get in to a fitness regime – but there is a lot more to it than simply placing one foot in front of the other!

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Competitive races are thought to have at first started (as with many sports) with the Ancient Greeks, though many other traces link it to the Egyptians, parts of Asia and many other parts of Africa. One of the earliest recorded event is from 1829 BCE at an Irish festival honouring the goddess Tailtiu in a series of sporting events known as the Tailteann Games. A thousand years later in 776 BCE, we have the first record of the Olympics in Greece, and this is likely where many forms of runs and marathons have their origins.

Since then many different type of events have come about – through the Olympic Games are still probably the most famous. Throughout the world events are held all the time from simple small 5k runs to enormous 26 mile sprints like the London Marathon.

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Luckily it is one of the easiest sports to get in to – you just need to start moving! Starting off with small jogs and sprints is the best way to get started and then you can slowly start to increase distance to build yourself up to bigger and better runs. I’d suggest started off with something like a 5K as this is not too challenging but long enough for you to get a real sense for what is involved in the sport. You can read our article here all about how to prepare for your first 5K which will give you some more insight on how to get your training started.

Once you get started you will quickly see there is a lot more to taking on a run than simply getting out there and jogging. If you are looking to get serious then you may want to start investing in some good gear – a good pair of running trainers is the best place to start. You can also invest in a lot of other running specific clothing too though be warned things can start to get expensive.

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Bournemouth Marathon

Although we have picked this particular event, there are actually 4 different events taking place at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival so you really do have the widest choice available to suit your ability. Not only does it have great options but also stunning scenery, it takes place along the coastline and also the iconic Bournemouth pier. We have been to the Half Marathon event before so check out our review here.

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The Rivington Trail Half Marathon, Lancashire Course

The route is varied underfoot and gradient. Starting with a lap of Rivington and Blackrod School field to get stretched out, the next mile is a climb on an old cobbled track towards Rivington Pike before dropping back down to Rivington Barns and on to Rivington Green - passing the Tea Rooms and a busy spectator spot.

From here it is partly on road before passing Yarrow Reservoir and dropping down to Angelzark Reservoir. The run along the east side of the reservoir is flat and scenic but that doesn't last long as the lakeside path climbs a steep hill and turns into a muddy trail path - remaining very scenic all the same.

At the end of the lake the route takes runners out alongside Angelzark Moor before doing a vertual U-turn and return to Angelzark reservoir at the picturesque White Coppice.

A nasty little climb takes runners up above the reservoir on the west side with great views across the water to the Moors beyond. Crossing the dam it is uphill from the 10mile point to Yarrow Reservoir and then back to Rivington Green, Rivington Barn and the finish at Rivington and Blackrod School.

Race entry fee £20.

Please note that the entry system provider will charge £2 admin fee plus 1.2% credit card fee in addition to the race entry fee.

Event Location : Bolton , Rivington and Blackrod High School and Technology College, Rivington Ln, Rivington, BL6 7RU

53.6103294, -2.5491759

Charities & Sponsors