Loch Ness 360 Ultra Marathon

Join the LochNess360ﹾ Challenge, the newest ultra marathon Scotland has to offer!

Take on 129 km and over 3000 metres of ascent within a time limit of 24 hours. If you plan on undertaking the entire route of the LochNess360ﹾ Trail, then you must be very experienced in off road trail running. Above all, you should also have experience of completing long ultra marathons (88 km plus). This is not a challenge for beginners!

This brand new ultra marathon will take you through the rugged beauty of a Highland landscape. In addition, as you go around Loch Ness, you will experience some of the best views of any running challenge in the world.

A man running during the Loch Ness 360 Ultra Marathon

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Event Location: Loch Ness, Dores