Great Newham London Marathon Relay

The Great Newham London Run 4 x 1/4 Marathon Team Relay event will return to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Sunday 17 July 2016.  The run starts and finishes inside the former Olympic Stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Newham, and gives teams of four the chance to share a marathon distance between them.

People running the Great Newham London Marathon Relay

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The Great Newham London Marathon Relay Course

Each person in the team will complete a 10.54K distance, passing their sash at the end of each section to their team as they cross the Olympic Stadium finish line. Has your team got what it takes to complete 26.2 miles?



The Morrisons Great Newham London Run 4 x ¼ Marathon Team Relay will see runners start and finish in the former Olympic Stadium, as well as passing the London Aquatics Centre, close to the ArcelorMital Orbit and the fantastic waterways of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Each member of your team will complete 2 laps of the course passing through the former Olympic Stadium after lap 1 and then again when coming into the finish / transition. It is important that when you enter the Stadium on your first lap you follow the signage and keep to the left hand side on the track.

This is to facilitate an unhindered route through the transition area. On completion of the second lap please stay to the right hand side ready to finish your leg and handover to the next member of your team.


Throughout the duration of the Morrisons Great Newham London Run 4 x ¼ Marathon Team Relay the sash will complete the full marathon distance. This includes 4 x legs of just over 10.5k and the 150m of distance while passing through the 50m transition area 3 times. The start to finish “team time” will be produced for the marathon distance as well as individual splits for each leg. The 150m transition distance will show as a separate “transition” split time and will not be apportioned to any runner.



What is it? 

•    Each team is made up of 4 runners (minimum age of entry is 15 years old), who each run 2 laps of a 5.27k course (a total of 10.54k each).  Upon finishing each leg of the run, every team will complete a classic marathon distance of 26.2 miles (4 x 10.54k = 42.16k)

•    Team formats can be all male, all female and mixed (2 men and 2 women)

•    Teams can also be made up of 3 men and 1 female (or vice versa) however this format wouldn’t qualify for prizes 

•    The event will start and finish in the former Olympic Stadium

•    The course takes in the South of the Park passing the London Aquatics Centre and includes the Stadium marathon ramp, and tunnel of sound, which includes the Mo Farah commentary

•    The cost is £25 per team member (inc VAT of £4.17)

How does it work?

•    On entering the event the ‘Team Manager’ will be responsible for entering all 4 runners in their team and will select which leg each runner will run (Leg 1, Leg 2, Leg 3, Leg 4). This is the order the runners will have to run on event day.

•    On the day runners in Leg 1 will start shortly after 13.00. If runners have not reached the transition area after 75 minutes the next member of the team will automatically start the next leg. They will be instructed when to begin by the marshals in the transition area. This is due to road closure restrictions. 

•    Each team member will have their own individual run number and timing chip (which should not be removed).  The run number will state which leg they are running. 

•    Each team will also have one sash that must be passed between each team member during the run, so once the runner in Leg 1 has completed their section they will then pass to the runner of Leg 2 in the transition area.

•    All runners run two legs and when runners come into the Stadium for the first time they have to stay to the left of the track to start their second lap. 

•    On arrival into the Stadium on the second lap runners must stay to the right hand side of the track and head towards the transition area.

•    Once they cross the finish line their team mates will be waiting in numbered pens just after the finish line ready to receive the sash. 

•    When each runner has completed their leg they can return to the Stadium seating and cheer on the runners and their team mates. 

•    This continues until each team has finished with their Leg 4 runner. 

•    The timing chips will allow a leader board to be created that will be displayed within the Stadium.

Event Location: Olympic Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London , E20 2ST