Basingstoke Half Marathon

Known for the friendly welcome, traffic free roads and challenging course, this is a ‘must do’ race, we are looking forward to our 9th year and are proud that the Basingstoke Half Marathon has built a reputation that puts it on a level with some of the great races in the south, yet retains a real community feel.

People taking part in the Basingstoke Half Marathon

£30 - £35
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The Basingstoke Half Marathon Course

The course for the Basingstoke half marathon is a challenging one, incorporating some some legendary hills near Cliddesden and Farleigh Wallop, beautiful countryside and quaint villages. On the downhill stretches you will be able to take in fantastic views of some of Hampshire's picturesque landscape and have a bird's eye view of Basingstoke.

The half marathon starts from Hackwood Road adjacent to the War Memorial Park in Basingstoke’s town centre and is a road race starting in the town, but with most of the route on traffic free minor roads through undulating countryside.

This is Farleigh Road at around mile 1, after you turn right off the main road, this is a very gradual climb and long straight – the M3 runs parallel on your right, and there will be water station before you enter the village.

You enter village of Cliddesden and pass by the Jolly Farmer (a great place for spectators to enjoy a pint, coffee and a view of the runners!).

Turn left just after the pub and you will see Cliddesden Church on your left.

Then it is a a steady climb out of the village with a welcome downhill just after the school before you continue to climb, but a water station awaits you at the top of the hill (at about mile 4)

Up into narrow lanes through Ellisfield, where you may see some of the front runners on the return loop on the other side of the road.

Left downhill to pass another beautiful church at Ellisfield.

Then a lovely gradual downhill along College Lane to the junction where you turn right and then right again into Green Lane.

Another water station near the The Fox pub – another good place for spectators wanting a good view and refreshments!

Then back through Ellisfield – wave to any runners still on the outward loop before turning left and heading towards the ‘Big Dipper’, and another water station.

Once you see this signpost you know its only 4 miles back – and downhill all the way!

Look out for views of the town to your left.

Then back towards town, turning right at the roundabout into Grove Road, and through the tunnel into the park – you are now just about there!

If you decide to run the proposed route ahead of the race please note that you will do so entirely at your own risk, the route is open to all traffic and due care is required, you will not be participating in any event organised by Destination Basingstoke Ltd.

Event Location: Hackwood Rd, Basingstoke