36th Gatliff Marathon

The Gatliff Marathon is an annual challenge walk, jog or run of 25 or 50km mostly on footpaths and tracks in the Kent and Surrey countryside. The challenge is to complete the event in under 10 hours, following the route directions and checking in at each of the checkpoints.

A group of people taking part in the 36th Gatliff Marathon

£10 - £15
Event Time:
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Event Distance:
20 - 50KM

The 36th Gatliff Marathon Course

The Gatliff has different routes each year through rural countryside using footpaths and tracks. There will be 50km and 25km options (31 miles and 15.5 miles) and a route description will be given to each entrant. The objective is to complete the distance within 10 hours.

Setting Out

The clock starts when you collect your checkpoint card from the registration desk.

Following the Route

A detailed written route description will be provided at the start. These provide "turn by turn" instructions and include key grid references and magnetic bearings.


There will be five checkpoints on the 50km and two on the 25km. You will need to get your checkpoint card punched at each of the checkpoints on your route. Food and drink will be provided and there are toilet facilities at some (marked on the instruction sheet).

The Finish

This will also be at Edenbridge Rugby Club Pavilion. Hot food, tea/coffee and showering facilities will be available, free of charge, to all entrants. Food at the finish will be served from 1:30pm until 7:00pm.  The Pavilion closes at 8:00pm.

Certificates will be awarded to those who have completed their full distance on foot and have had their checkpoint card signed or punched at all the checkpoints on their route. A special certificate will be awarded to those who have successfully completed ten 50km Gatliff Marathons.

Results will be posted on the providers website. They can also be ordered at the finish for delivery by mail.



Entry fees in advance: £12 for the 50km route and £10 for the 25km route. There is an additional charge of £3.00 for entering on the day. All food and drink provided by the Gatliff Marathon organisers is included in the entry fees. How to enter: To enter in advance, fill out an online entry form and pay immediately by PayPal or post a cheque; alternatively, download an entry form and post this with a cheque. You can also enter on the day paying by cash (£3 extra). Online entry closes at 20:00pm, Friday, 22 November 2019.

Event Location: Edenbridge Rugby Club Pavilion, Coomb Field, Edenbridge, TN8 5HL