The Solva 'Green Monster' Swim

The Swim to the Edge – Solva has been moved forward in the calendar for 2020 and will now be held on June the 6th. This year we will only be opening up 150 spaces for the Green Monster and 50 spaces for the Black run.

The two distances, are Green Monster 2.4 miles (Approx) and Black Run 1 mile. Both swims are challenging. Once you come out of the shelter of the harbour you can/will be faced by wind and swell. And as you go around Green Scar you may be faced with strong currents. You will need to be a competent and confident open water swimmer to take on this challenge.

The event will start from the beach at the entrance to the Harbour just prior on low tide. From here the swimmers will head out into St Brides Bay and bare slightly left as you headed towards Gaseg Rocks. Once on the back of the Gaseg the swimmers will head for the Green Scar and round the back of this beast of an Island. Once they have circumnavigated the Island they will head back to the mouth of the Harbour for a Beach Finish.

Swimmers in action at The Solva 'Green Monster' Swim open water swimming

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Event Location: Solva, Solva, SA62 6UT