The Bantham Swoosh

Now in its fourth year, the Swoosh is a world class 6km swim in a sandy bottomed estuary in Devon. Among the things that make it special is the fact the estuary we swim in is both shallow and sandy bottomed – so water is clear rather than muddy, and swimmers have a view of the sandy bed most of the way. The swim culminates in a “swoosh” as the ebbing tide is funnelled through a narrow section of river, speeding you along over the riverbed at up to four times your usual swimming speed. It can run at 8 knots. It’s exciting, invigorating, beautiful and fun.

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Open Water Swimming Course

Tickets sale details will be announced in December with sales taking place in January 2018.

With nearly 850 swimmers joining us on the 24th June 2017, the third Bantham Swoosh was a massive success. We held two swims, at dawn and dusk, with fifteen swimmers ‘double dipping’ at both ends of the day.

The break out swimmers for 2017 were the new mothers, who literally did appear to break out of the nurseries and head on down for the dawn swim. We had one mother getting into the water three months after having twins (they themselves spent the morning hanging out with their granny in OSS HQ awaiting her arrival) and one new dad seen bouncing a hungry newborn at the finish line saying ‘have you got any idea when xxx is coming in, the baby is getting hungry?’.

We also had some zero to hero swimmers. Inspired by her new fiancée, who also happened to be last year’s zero to hero, Kaat started swimming at Easter and only admitted after the swim that this was her first time in open water (previous swims had been lido only). She was sick three times but hid it from the lifeguards ‘because I was worried they would take me out and I didn’t want to stop.’ We are looking forward to see you again Kaat.

Event Location: Bantham Beach, Bantham, Kingsbridge, TQ7 3AN