December Dip 2015

Gird up your loins and take courage, dig out your bobble hats and bikinis:  the event has a variety of swims: Fancy Dress Dippers, Bobble Hat Breastrokers (1-2 widths, 30-60m), Freezing Freestylers (one length, 60m) and Arctic Adventurers (up to 240m) welcome.

Swimmers wearing fancy dress during the December Dip 2015 open water swimming

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Open Water Swimming Course

The water temperature will be somewhere between 0.1 and 6 degrees, guaranteeing a blood pumping, skin tingling start to the festive season - and one of the greatest natural highs there is.

The event features very cold water, hot drinks, warm mince pies, a sneaky warming tipple and some carols. 

BEST DRESSED DIPPER CUP - Entrants are welcomed to the Best Dressed Dipper competition returns. Think you can outdo last few year's incredible entrants (the body-paint soldier, the viking, the merman and loch ness monster are among winners)? Then show us what you've got in your snazziest seasonal bathers and make your bid for the cup.

BOBBLE HAT BREASTSTROKE - 2 widths of the lido (60m) in your best bobble hats. 

FREEZING FREESTYLE - 1 length of the pool (60m) in whatever style you fancy

ARCTIC ADVENTURER - 4 lengths of the pool (240m)

Flip flops, dressing gowns, towels and down jackets all might make your almost-naked time by the poolside more delightful. You will receive a swimming hat but are invited to swim in your best winter hat.


ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL OPEN IN AUTUMN 2015. Spectators welcome. Please print out, read, sign and bring a disclaimer.

Event Location: Parliament Hill Lido, Gordon House Road, London, NW5 1NB