Brutal Bear Cold Swims

Swimmers taking part in Brutal Bear Cold Swims open water swimming

£14 - £48
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Open Water Swimming Course

The Brutal Bear Cold Swim Series is brand new to Brutal Events for 2015. Taking place on Boscombe Beach (next to Urban Reef cafe) the Brutal Bear Cold Swim Series are sea swims held on a Sunday morning at the beginning of January, February and March.

You can 'race' these events or simply use them as a personal challenge to swim your chosen distance in cold water.

The distances available are 30m, 60m, 120m, 240m and 480m (the 240m and 480m are available to experienced cold water swimmers only, please email with proof of previous experience of cold swims before you enter). There will be separate categories for wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers.

Medals and certificates for all swimmers. (Please check dates with Brutal Events)

Event Location: , Boscombe Beach, BH5 1BN