The Summer Suffering Obstacle Race

Rockingham Castle in summer is a true beauty to behold… until The Suffering Obstacle Race gets hold of it! This year we take it up a notch. The Suffering courses are renowned for being super tough, but super fun. The hills of Rockingham are legendary. Now it’s time to make the obstacles legendary too.

A man climbing up a wall during the Muddy Runs The Summer Suffering Obstacle Race

£38 - £95
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Event Date: 
24/06/2017, 25/06/2017
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Obstacle Course

We have been working tirelessly to create obstacles never seen before, something only The Suffering could create. Worried..? You should be!

The Suffering in Summer will feature our greatest challenge, a course switch up and a few very special obstacles.

Suffering Legends, a challenge forged in the fires of hell. If you are foolhardy enough to think that the Legends Challenge is a good idea, step back, take a moment, think this through carefully. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

Suffering Legends is as much physiological as physical. We will break your body, your mind and your soul. You will need to become more than you ever thought you could be to complete this challenge. Don’t believe us? Go to the forums, check what runners have to say…

It’s not all crazy challenges though. 

As always at Rockingham we have 3 distances. Each distance is designed so you can find a race which suits you and your ability.

  • The Suffering V : 5km
  • The Suffering : 10km
  • Pain & Suffering : 10 mile

New to OCR?

Go for our introductory Suffering V – 5km short course. Packed full of obstacles and mud, it’s a great intro into OCR.

Think 5k is too short, but don’t want the super long distance?

The Suffering 10k is perfect for you. You’ll get more obstacles, more mud, more Reapers and a few hills chucked in for good measure.

Ready to take on the big one?

Pain & Suffering is the toughest 10 mile OCR you’ll ever do. Mud, hills, Reapers, water… did we mention the hills? This is a course designed to break you. If you think you are ready, Pain & Suffering is waiting!

Event Location: Rockingham Castle, Market Harborough, LE16 8TH