Nuclear Rush Weekend

Nuclear delivers award winning fun, tough, gritty obstacle races over varied, undulating terrain. Expect big obstacles, highly organised events and relentless amounts of mud. Our events are challenging enough for the elite but are designed to be achievable for all fitness abilities, including newbies.

£25 - £120
Event Time:
Event Date: 
19/05/2018, 20/05/2018
Event Distance:
7 - 60KM


Nuclear Rush

Choose from 7km or 12km course distances over ultra-gritty, properly muddy, obstacle-loaded farmland set in the heart of the Secret Bunker Estate, Essex.

Minimum age 7km – 13yrs

Minimum age 12km – 16yrs

Nuclear’s well known for delivering award winning events with big, high quality achievable, man-made and natural obstacles designed to test every ability of fitness on fast-paced, flowing, punishing courses over epic varied terrain. Expect the infamous Deathslide, Zip-lines & 120m Gorilla bars  at this event plus loads more.

Join us for a chilled OCR festival weekend packed with obstacle racing for all the family (Rookie kids included), camping, live music & entertainment for all ages.

The top 10 in age group and gender taking part in 12k Rush Saturday & Sunday will qualify for the OCR World Championship 2018.


Oblivion Extreme

12k – 60k+


How many 12k Nuclear Rush laps can you take on?

The Event starts at 8.30 am

Finishes 5.30pm

Oblivion 2018 has the potential to be a 60k+/37+mile/450+ obstacle challenge. It’s Nuclear Oblivion EXTREME. Designed to challenge the fastest and fittest obstacle race athletes out there; it’s our most brutal & unforgiving event in the Nuclear calendar.

There’s 8.5 hours to complete as many 12k laps on the Nuclear Rush course tackling 90+ man-made & natural obstacles per lap. This event requires hardcore training as it’s the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance and strength. Entrants are Oblivion Extreme Legends. This is not a team event. Pit Crew welcome.

Complete 4 laps to qualify for the 2018 OCR World Championships in Canada.


Rookie Rush

Nuclear Rookies are fun, pumped-up muddy obstacle courses for 4-14 year old kids of any fitness level

Rookies can test their skills on a specially designed fun 1.5/3km course filled with around 15 obstacles & guaranteed Nuclear M.U.D! Rookies will climb in & out of the muddiest ditches, scrabble under cargo nets, crawl through tyre tunnels, over ramps, walls & monkey-bars as well as running in woods, on paths & open fields.

Rookies 4-8 years of age complete one lap of the 1.5km course. 9-14 year old Rookies complete the 1.5km lap twice (3km). Grown-ups of 4-6 year old’s must accompany their children (it is optional for older children) on the course free of charge. ETIQUETTE: Float alongside & step in with help over obstacles if the child needs it, but stepping back from the course, so it’s clear for other participants.

Event Location: Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood , CM15 0LA