London 5k at Night

Hate running but love obstacles? This is the event for you, packing all our best obstacles into a short, sharp and intense 5km course that kicks off at 5pm after the 10km race is finished. Reckon you can do the double? Save cash when you enter London 10km and 5km together.

A man running through a water obstacle during the Muddy Runs London 5k at Night

£50 - £70
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Obstacle Course

Survival is back in Wembley Park for 2015! After a rip-roaring inaugural event this year, we’re coming back to this iconic venue with more of our trademark monster builds, plus a beer tent the size of a football field. Saddle up to take it on with 10,000 screaming Survivors lining up shoulder to shoulder with you.

Event Location: Wembley Park, Wembley, HA9