Iron Ram

IRON RAM is an intensive obstacle sprint (1.2km) – a test of OCR strength and endurance. No weightlifting expertise needed

A tough challenge for the ultra competitive racer but also a great personal challenge for someone just ready to give it a go!

Event Time:
Event Date: 
Event Distance:
1.2 - 1.6KM

Obstacle Course

4 rounds of 1.6km heats to get you to the FINAL

TROPHIES for 4 RACE CATEGORIES– male and female under and over 40

Don’t forget TOTALFIT trophies for the best combined Iron/Ram Run times



Optional top value ‘weekend ticket’ – Iron Ram Saturday plus Ram Run Sunday –– £60  

If you are eliminated in Iron Ram round 1 or 2 you have free entry to Iron Ram Bedlam – a ‘free for all’ race – absolute tough fun! Dont think Saturday is a ‘lazy day’!

All entrants receive the unique Iron Ram medal and can choose either the IronRamBag or the Iron Ram Leisure Tee



The course is 1.2km of intensive effort testing strength, speed, endurance, agility and stamina – a totalfit challenge

Round 1 – Starting 9am heats of 10 runners (nominally 7 male, 3 female). Going through to round 2 will be the 70 fastest male times (position in each heat does

not matter) and the 30 fastest female times

Round 2 – 1pm – 10 heats of 10 runners (70 male, 30 female). Going through to round 3 will be the 35 fastest male times and the 15 fastest female times

Round 3 – Semi finals – 3pm – 3 heats of 10 male runners (10 fastest go into final). 3 heats of 5 female runners (10 fastest go into final)

Round 4 – Bedlam – 3.30pm – 2 heats male, 1 heat female for all first and second round losers wanting another go – go for it!

Round 5 – Ladies Final – 4pm followed by presentation

Round 6 – Mens Final – 4.30pm followed by presentation

5pm – a marshals group will take a steady run round Sundays Ram Run course. Join them to build up your appetite and enjoy your evening at Cliff Lakes, especially if you are camping. Barbecue and informal music – CHILL!!!

Great relaxed preparation for Sundays Ram Run!

Event Location: Cliff Lakes Watersports Centre, Tamworth road, Tamworth, B78 2DL