Contagion in Cambridge

Locals have been reporting hearing strange noises at night after a recent laboratory break-in in the area. Police say they are working hard to recover the stolen samples but assure the public that the samples were harmless and do not pose a threat to the general public.

People in action at the Muddy Runs Contagion in Cambridge

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Obstacle Course

Whilst the Government has thus far refused to confirm officially, the breached laboratory is rumoured to be one near Bassingbourn.


Citizens in the area are reporting seeing a large number of soldiers and equipment from what is rumoured to be the Royal Armoured Zombie Outbreak Response team (RAZOR) in the area, prompting speculation that just one year after so many died at the hands of a plague of the undead, Cambridgeshire is once again about to be declared unsafe.

Event Location: Milton Country Park, Cambridge, CB24 6AZ