Apocalyse at Allianz Park

A female zombie at the Muddy Runs Apocalyse at Allianz Park

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Obstacle Course

This year The Zombie Evacuation Race brings you an all new Halloween 5K Race the "Apocalypse at Allianz Park".


Once the fortress of the mighty Saracens Rugby Team it is now overrun by 1000's of Zombies. After a rogue Zombie made its way to the North London venue un-captured by the RAZOR Squad after becoming contaminated with radioactive liquid from a nearby power plant. The Zombie set about infecting the inhabitants of Allianz Park.


There have been reports that the nearby woodland and moorland areas are over run with Zombies. Leaping out and feasting on unsuspecting passers by. Further reports show a hoard of neon toxic zombies living in a part of the stadium. The most worrying information brought to us in the last 48 hours is that of the Saracens Rugby Team themselves. Keeping strong to their roots they are standing strong on the pitch itself but by now they just might have joined the undead. Instead of crunching tackles and kicking for touch they are now crunching bones and eating flesh.


If you believe you have what it takes to outrun the Zombie hoards, dodge the undead and save Allianz Park. Join us on Halloween.

Event Location: Allianz Park Stadium, London, NW4 1RL

Charities & Sponsors

Cancer Research UK

Email Address: sportsteam@cancer.org.uk
Phone number: 0300 123 5461