UK Marathons

Marathons are probably the biggest challenge a runner will ever face and will push you to all your limits. Marathons require a much longer training plan where you have to train both your body and mind to be able to stand up to the length of the race.

How to train for a Marathon

If you’re goal is to do a marathon or even half marathon then you’ll need to get lots of training done before you even look at the track! Start off similar to a 5K prep with smaller runs and sprints and then slowly build up the length of the runs you do. You’ll also want to get into right diet regime too so that your body gets in right shape.

What are the best UK Marathon Events?

The most famous marathon is the Virgin Money London Marathon, though there are many others dotted around the country too such as the Brighton or Edinburgh marathons which provide just as greater challenge and give you multiple scenic routes to run on. For a little more adventure you can also look at something like the Midnight Marathon Run which will have you sprinting round a mountain in total darkness

People taking part in the Bournemouth Marathon

Bournemouth Marathon


People running the Virgin Money London Marathon

Edinburgh Marathon


People running the Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon and 1/2
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Event location of Milton Keynes Marathon
RunningFun Run & Kids

Milton Keynes Marathon

Milton Keynes

02/05/2020, 03/05/2020
People running the MBNA Chester Marathon

MBNA Chester Marathon


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People taking part in the Bournemouth Marathon

Bournemouth Marathon Festival Video

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Runners taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon

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