Fun Runs and Kids Events in 2020

Training For Fun Running | Fun Runs Near Me

As the name suggests a fun run is a non competitive and in many cases are designed for children to take part in, though there are also plenty for adults to enjoy too. Because no one is keeping score, these races have a much more relaxed attitude and as such many will have a theme or element to them that makes them very unique compared to usual races.



You may see many fun races where people dress up in costume and run the entire race that way – it’s all part of what makes these runs fun! More recently Colour Runs such as the Wiggle Color Vibe have become very popular amongst first time runners as they offer short distances whilst keeping things relaxed and fun.

Training For Fun Running

Training for a fun running can vary a lot depending on what elements the race has to it – as such you should find out all the info you can well in advance and then tailor your training to what you need to do on the day. As mentioned though many of these races are designed with kids in mine so you may just wish to go down to one and have a great family day out at an event such as the Big Fun Run

Fun Runs Near Me

We list lots of running events that are fun, take a look below here to find a fun run near you

Some of our popular searches are for: Gung-ho!Knowle Fun Run | Great Midlands Fun Run | Big Fun Run


Kids Fun Run

These types of event are fantastic for children and alot of providers offer reduced entry prices for them too. Look out for ones that allow fancy dress, they will always appeal more to children if they can run as their favorite super hero or cartoon character!


Fun Runs for Charity 

There are plenty of runs where you can also raise money for a charity, you can use our charity filter in the left search to find charities that support events. They will normally set you a fundraising amound and even give you sponsorship forms to help track any money raised.

RunningFun Run & Kids

Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon and Half Marathon


£10 - £50

1 - 26.2M

23/05/2020, 24/05/2020

RunningFun Run & Kids

RunFestRun Family Fun Run


Adult Sunday Ticket - £80 | Adult Weekend Ticket - £155



RunningMuddy RunsFun Run & KidsWalking

McBrave Games

Musselburgh, Edinburgh

£40 - £50



RunningMuddy RunsFun Run & Kids

Leeds Race For Life 5k, 10k, Pretty Muddy, Pretty Muddy Kids




31/05/2020, 31/05/2020

RunningFun Run & KidsWalking

Scunthorpe Race For Life 5k





Fun Run & KidsOpen Water Swimming

Great North Swim


£16 - £86

05/06/2020, 06/06/2020

RunningFun Run & Kids

Rocket Race Orbiter

Tollard Royal



Muddy RunsFun Run & Kids

The Little Welly Obstacle Course & Festival

Henley On Thames



06/06/2020, 07/06/2020

Fun Run & KidsWalking

The MoonWalk Scotland 2020



6.2 - 52.4M


RunningFun Run & KidsWalking

Bradford Race For Life 5k & 10k



5 & 10KM


Muddy RunsFun Run & Kids

Mud Monsters Ninjas

East Grinstead

£20 per person



RunningFun Run & KidsWalking

Chesterfield Race For Life 5k