Wild Lambs

Children taking part in the kids Wild Lambs

£12 - £16
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Event Distance:
1.2 - 4.8KM

Kids Course

The event is for ages 6 - 11 years old.


The Ram Run is a newcomer in the rapidly growing world of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).


OCR popularity is burgeoning as it provides an opportunity for runners to challenge themselves rather than competing to win individual or team sports.


OCR can be competitive and a professional competing elite is growing. Unlike most other sports everyone can be running together, the competitors, the less serious sportsmen and the Fun Runners looking to challenge themselves more. This is a major reason for the growth in OCR.


The Ram Run is designed by Stoneleighfit’s experienced fitness professionals to take advantage of the unique features of its location at Stoneleigh Park and is also very different to most OCR events in that it holds between 6 and 8 runs during the weekend. Tough competitors will mix with Fun+ runners and Juniors (12 – 16) who will take easier options when appropriate. A special course is created also for Wild Lambs (6 – 11 years).


This program together with other attractions creates a real family day/weekend out.


The Ram Run development has taken place since June 2013 and the professionals are praising the course and the event, especially because of the variations of course layout from event to event.


Stoneleigh Park has events with 100,000 visitors so is well placed to handle efficiently the planned maximum of 5000 runners at each Ram Run event plus a significant number of spectators. Spectators are especially well catered for at The Ram Run.


Event Location: Stoneleigh Park, Kenil Worth, CV8 2LG