London Duathlon 2020

The London Duathlon, the world's biggest run-bike-run event, will take place on Sunday 25 April 2021. A duathlon consists of three sets of athletic activity, but across two disciplines – running and cycling.

A group of people taking part in the duathlon London Duathlon
Cost:£74.50 - £81.50
Event Time:10:00 am
Event Date:25 April 2021
Event Distance: Various

Duathlon Events

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What is a Duathlon?

A duathlon is a an event that brings together running and cycling into one challenge. The format starts with a sprint, before moving onto a cycle section, and then back to a sprint. Before you get started with a duathlon, you’ll need to prepare yourself for both disciplines, becoming a master at running and cycling.

Runners taking part in a Duathlon event

How to train for a duathlon for beginners

Your training for duathlon will be trickier than most, as you have to prepare for two types of sport in one race. You should aim to train at least three times a week to keep yourself on track. You might need to split up your running and cycling sessions, as it can be tricky to plan where you can stop and swap onto the bike. You can find more tips for training here

Know the rules

There’s not too many rules to know about with a duathlon, and the ones you’ll need to pay attention to mostly concern the bike section, or the transitions between the run and cycle sections. Some things to be aware off are:

  • You have to keep your helmet on whenever you’re using the bike. So once you finish the first run, you’ll have to put the helmet on before getting on the bike, and keep it on until you’ve finished the cycle section completely.

  • You have to keep at least three bike lengths between you and the bike in front. If you want to overtake, you’re allowed 15 seconds to get past the person, otherwise you’ll have to fall back to the three lengths again. Riding too close or alongside another cyclist is known as “drafting”, and you can get disqualified for it.

  • There will be marked transition areas between the sections of the race, and there will normally be a transition line before the cycle section, and you mustn’t get on the bike before crossing this line.


Top Duathlon Events in 2020

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London Duathlon

Taking place in September 2020 the London Duathlon is a great event for athletes of any ability so might be the perfect start if you are thinking of doing a duathlon for the first time. It has a run-bike-run format with 4 different distance options all courses will take you around Richmond park and the surrounds closed off roads.

Find out more about this event here

London Duathlon Route


The first set consists of running, followed by cycling, and then back to running. The distances of each activity vary according to the challenge entered. Similar to a triathlon, you will go through transition to change between disciplines. 

There are three individual challenges and one team challenge in the Descente London Duathlon:

  • Half Duathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Ultra Duathlon
  • Duathlon Relay (team challenge)

Learn more about the two disciplines:

  • Running
  • Cycling

The London duathlon will provide an amazing challenge and race experience - all competitors will receive the following:

Exclusive access to race the world's biggest Duathlon on closed roads in Richmond Park.

Limited Edition Descente cycling jersey worth £130.

One of the best looking finishers medals to add to your collection.

Event Location : Richmond, Richmond Park, TW10 5HS

51.438512, -0.274735

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