The Best Apps to Track your Cycling

Keeping track of your cycling used to be tricky – but now with smartphones you can easily see your speed, distance, calories burnt and more. But what are the best ones? Here are our top picks!

Strava Running and Cycling

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Strava is one of the most popular apps for tracking your rides – being free and featured filled it’s easy to see why! Using your phone’s GPS it can track all of your rides and then create a ‘track’ from this that you can easily go back to again if you thought it was a great route.

It will also keep a track of things distance travelled, speed and pace as well as your relative elevation and how many calories you’ve burnt. It can hook in to accessories too for measuring things like heart rate too which is pretty cool. We’ve used Strava many times here for tracking our own rides and find the simplicity key – just whip open the app and go!

For even more convenience they also offer an app for Apple Watch too so that you can keep a track of everything without needing to get your phone out of your bag! There is also a great community feel to the app too as you can check leader boards of other riders and follow their routes to try and beat their times.

Map My Ride

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Right behind Strava has to be Map My Ride which offers a lot of the same features in again a great looking interface. You can track your routes and the app will easily give you information like speed, elevation and calorie use. One cool thing I like is the ‘splits’ – where you gives you a breakdown of how fast you were at 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles etc.

Map My Ride places a big emphasis on working with your other devices - fitness bands, health monitors and dedicated GPS systems. They all connect via Bluetooth and it’s easy to add data from your fitness band to the app. This sharing works both ways too as you can also share the data from Map My Ride with other apps too such as Apple Health.


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Endomondo is a really great app as it is capable of tracking just about any form of activity, and the cycling aspects are on par with the other apps too! You’ll get a breakdown of your ride as well as audio feedback for each mile you do. Endomondo is best used as a full training coach where you log all your activity and use the app somewhat like a life coach to keep you on track with set goals.

These goals can be any form of challenge distance, calories burnt, time. This is also where the social aspects come in as well as you can build up a friend list and they can encourage you with your goals directly on the app. Like the other apps above Endomondo can also easily link in with your wearable tech too, so if you’ve got an Apple Watch or any kind of tracking device it will be able to pull info straight from it.


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