Wiggle Bitter Beast Sportive

Can you tame the Beast? A late-season test, the Wiggle Bitter Beast is the brother event to the Jurassic Beast sportive, which takes place earlier in the year on the same stretch of breath taking Dorset heritage coastline. In colder autumnal conditions, this is a different battle altogether, though, and it’ll take all you’ve got to triumph…

Event Time:
Event Date: 
Event Distance:
40 - 70M

Even if you’ve already taken on the Jurassic Beast, this ride is another to put on the calendar as it explores areas of the Purbeck District and beyond that its brother event does not venture into. Still staying true to the stunning historic coast, you’ll climb different hills and take in different views as you battle away the miles against a sea-lined backdrop.

Starting out at the National Tank Museum, you’ll head north on a series of carefully picked rolling roads that aren’t especially steep or testing but will keep you on your toes, ready for some more serious climbing later on. A long in-land loop ensues as you’ll soon pass through Crossways before heading out to the coast, which promises magnificent views at any time of year.

With the beautiful coast and excellent views come great climbs, as you’ll start to notice how soon steep climbs follow one another around now, the first unfolding around the Lulworth Camp area on the sea. Briefly heading away from the coast, the sea will stay in view as you continue on the route, preparing for the first major climb of the day as you’ll need to toil to get into the village of Steeple.

The heritage coastline will stay in sight as you head towards Swanage on one final loop before you head back for the final few miles to receive a finisher’s medal, t-shirt and well deserved PowerBar recovery product.

Event Location: National Tank Museum, Linsay Rd, Bovington, BH20 6JG