Sussex Downs Beach Cruiser

Our new Beach Cruisers are a twist on the classic sportive with the atmosphere of a summer club run to the beach. The routes winds you up over the mighty South Downs, before sweeping through the pick of the twisting country lanes to the beach side stop on the south coast.

£18 - £25
Event Time:
Event Date: 
Event Distance:
55 - 90KM

Once you hit the beach, you can relax, enjoy the sea breeze, and grab a bite and cuppa. If you rode the Short Route, your riding is done. All that’s left to do is to enjoy the beach, maybe arrange to meet family or friends to spend a few hours before giving you a lift back to your car or back home.

If you’re riding the Full Route, after your beach stop you’ll get back on the bike to make your way back up country to finish at the event base where you started. In the spirit of the chilled theme of the day, we’re being nice to you though. The route back is a little shorter and more direct than the ride out; nobody wants to have the bulk of their ride in front of them after a cake stop or lunch at the beach! Oh, and yes you will be timed for this ride, but the time you spend at the beach stop won’t be included in your overall time. Just make sure that you check in and out through the timing station and we’ll deduct your beach time from your ride time in the final results. After all, a good day on the bike means only being in a hurry when you want to be, right?


Open for booking 5pm Friday 9th December

  • 90km Full Route or 60km Short Route
  • Rider & mechanical support
  • One way ticket or day trip return - Short ride to the beach to meet friends and family and make your own way back, or full ride there and back with a beach break en route.
  • Beach-side cafe stop: ride, chill, ride some more!
  • Time out feature: your timing clock stops for up to one hour when you hit the beach!
  • Shorter return leg (Full Route) - the out route to the beach is about two thirds of the total ride, so you have a shorter run back after your lunch stop!
  • Why not split the ride? Enter as a pair with your partner and split riding duties - one rides out to meet at the beach, and the other rides back to meet ah the finish!

Event Location: Duncton, Petworth, GU28 0JY