Moors and Shores

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45 - 60M

Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire, Sunday 12th April 2015. Forests, moors, coastal trails and short but steep climbs make up the arena for this Adventure X journey in a lesser explored area of the North York Moors National Park. The contrast between the forest roads and moorland tracks, which are hard going when wet, and the sections of old railway line near the coast ensure flowing riding and a constantly changing landscape.


Quite simply Adventure X is a cross country journey by bike that incorporates a mixture of tracks, trails, lanes, bridleways & roads to create an interesting and challenging route over a variety of terrain and surfaces.


Our Adventure X routes have been designed to be 100% rideable on a cyclocross bike (gate opening & closing aside). The on/off road nature of our routes makes a crosser the ideal tool but, equally, a mountain bike can also be used.


The Moors and Shores event provides a great start point for anyone wanting a less technical route, on /off road ride, on a cyclocross or hard tail mountain bike.

Event Location: Dalby Forest Visitors Centre, Low Dalby, YO18 7LT