5k Runs

A 5K run is probably the best way you can start your adventure in competitive running, as you will experience something that is challenging, but not too tough. Even with just a few weeks of training you should be able to pull off a 5K run. You can read a bit more about preparing for a 5K run by below

Charity 5k runs near me and fundraising 

These smaller events are also a great opportunity for people to get involved in charity, and in fact many, many charities hold races throughout the year with the sole intention of raising money to help people. 5K Charity races as well as 10K Charity races are some of the most popular events out there, so if you want to get into running then these are a great place to start!

5k Runs Near Me

We list lots of 5K running events that take place all over the UK, take a look below here to find a fun run near you

Our most popular search is for Royal Parks | London 5k Runs | 5k Inflatable Run

Participants running the EMF 5K



Participants taking part in the Glasgow Pretty Muddy 5k

Glasgow Pretty Muddy 5k


People running the Great North 5K

Great North 5K

Newcastle upon Tyne

Children running on kids Baxters River Ness 5K Fun Run
RunningFun Run & Kids

Baxters River Ness 5K Fun Run


People taking part in the Muddy Runs 5K Inflatable Run - Wolverhampton
RunningMuddy Runs

5K Inflatable Run - Wolverhampton


At the start line training for a 5k run

5K Training Plan

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runners taking part in a 5k run

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Runner timing a 5k run

What is the average 5K time?

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runners taking part in a 5k to burn calories

Calories burnt running a 5k

A 5K run is a great place to start with if you are new to running, especially...
Athletes running the Milton Keynes 5k

5k Running Tips

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Eating eggs and toast before a 5k run

What to eat before a 5k Run

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Finishing a 5k in faster time

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