How long is a 10K run?

The 10K run is one of the most popular racing distances for both beginners and experienced runners alike, providing a challenge but remaining accessible even for those with no training. It’s the perfect next step from a 5K run if you’re looking to increase your fitness level and push yourself that little bit further. But just how long is a 10K run?

How many miles is a 10k run

The 10K is a 10 kilometre-long run, which is the same as 10,000 meters. If you use the imperial system of measurement, you may be wondering what 10K is in miles. A 10K run is equivalent to 6.2 miles, double the length of a 5K run which equates to 3.1 miles.

How many steps in 10k?

If you have a fitness tracker you might be interested to know that the average stride length is between 2.1 to 2.5 feet. This means there are about 12500 steps in 10k, that gets you well over the average 10,000 steps a day that most fitness experts say you should achieve.

What is it like to run a 10k

Can’t quite get to grips with how far a 10K is? We’ll put it into perspective for you. 10K is approximately the length of 90 football fields, or legging it across the wingspan of a Boeing 747 aeroplane 150 times. Whilst that may sound daunting, a 10K run is not! With your favourite tune on and water bottle in hand it is an extremely achievable distance to run for any ability.


If you are considering running your first 10K, we have an extensive list of 10K running events all across the UK, from a scenic trip around the Folkestone coast to the ever-popular 10K Race for Life in Chelmsford. Whether you want to raise money for charity, enjoy a leisurely jog with friends or achieve an impressive PB, find your perfect 10K run here.