10K Runs

10K Runs 2019

A 10K run is the best way you can progress if you have already completed a 5K running event. It's also a great way to find something that is challenging, but not too tough. It will take a few more weeks to train for 10k race compared to a 5k but it’s still very achievable.


Many people want to raise money for charity when taking part in a 10k run. It’s really easy to do this too, you can use our search filters on the left to select ‘10k Runs’ in the distance field, then in the charity sponsors field pick the charity you'd like to raise funds for. You will then have a list of runs that you can enter and raise money for the charity you would like to support.

We advise to contact the charity directly to get a sponsorship pack, it comes loaded with fundraising ideas and forms so you can record who sponsors you and how much for etc.

10k runs near me

We list lots of 10K running events that take place all over the UK, if you don't want to travel a long distance to take part in a 10k run you can easily find one near you below or use our search filters to the left of the page.

The most popular searched for locations are in London and the Northwest, use the quick links below to take you straight to those pages;

10k Runs London | 10k Runs North West 


People taking part in the Manchester 10k
RunningFun Run & Kids

Manchester 10k


People running the Cardiff 10k
RunningFun Run & Kids

Cardiff 10k


People taking part in the ASDA Foundation Nottingham 10K

ASDA Foundation Nottingham 10K


People taking part in the ASDA Foundation Leeds 10K
A runner crossing the finish line during the ASDA Foundation York 10K
People running the UKFast City of Salford 10k

UKFast City of Salford 10k


Runners crossing the start line at a 10k run

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