10K Runs 2019

A 10K run is the best way you can progress if you have already completed a 5K running event. It's also a great way to find something that is challenging, but not too tough. It will take a few more weeks to train for 10k race compared to a 5k but it’s still very achievable.

How many miles is a 10k?

Lots of people ask the question “how many miles is a 10k”, apps or smart watches normally measure your distance in miles so it's common to have to convert it to miles.

The term can be referred to as m or mile, these both mean the same thing. To help your calculations, 1000 meters and 0.62 miles both equal 1km. This means that a 10km run would be 10000 meters or 6.2 miles. If you want a quick way to calculate all of your distances you can use a tool like Unit Converters

A 10km run is 6.2 miles


How many steps in 10k?

If you have a fitness tracker you might be interested to know that the average stride length is between 2.1 to 2.5 feet. This means there are about 12500 steps in 10k, that gets you well over the average 10,000 steps a day that most fitness experts say you should achieve.


What is the average time to run 10k?

The average time for a runner to complete a 10k run is around 50 - 70 minutes. Times will normally depend on your fitness levels and the speed at which you run. Professional runners aim to complete 10k events in around 40 - 50 minutes, this requires a very good training plan that keeps track of your pace per minute or mile of each run to help improve times.


What types of 10k runs are there?

There are many types of 10k races available, most providers will show you what the event includes and what type of course you will be running before you sign up. Be sure to look out for some of the key things mentioned below

Multi Terrain

If an event says that it is across multiple terrains expect to be running over roads, cobble, grass or gravel paths. It could be a mixture so make sure when you are picking out footwear it will be stable on all of these types of terrain

Cross Country

This type of event is normally across grass or gravel. This will require a different type of running shoe that supports your foot and ankle in the right way. Expect to be running around fields and pathways away from main road.

Traffic Free

Sometimes events will be big enough to close roads in either towns or cities. If that is the case you will be running along the road for the majority if not full 10k run. These types of runs are great when looking to achieve personal bests.

Chipped time

Having your time recorded automatically can take the stress out of making sure your watch or tracker is charged, started and stopped at the right time to record your race time. Chipped timing allows you to wear a little device provided by the event organizers, which tracks you when you start and finish the race to provide your time. It’s a very accurate way of getting your times, they will normally be emailed to you or visible on the event providers website after the race.



Many people want to raise money for charity when taking part in a 10k run. It’s really easy to do this too, you can use our search filters on the left to select ‘10k Runs’ in the distance field, then in the charity sponsors field pick the charity you'd like to raise funds for. You will then have a list of runs that you can enter and raise money for the charity you would like to support.

We advise to contact the charity directly to get a sponsorship pack, it come loaded with fundraising ideas and forms so you can record who sponsors you and how much for etc.


10k runs near me

We list lots of 10K running events that take place all over the UK, if you don't want to travel a long distance to take part in a 10k run you can easily find one near you below or use our search filters to the left of the page.

The most popular searched for locations are in London and the Northwest, use the quick links below to take you straight to those pages;

10k Runs London | 10k Runs North West 


The most popular searched for 10k Runs across the UK are below, just click the links and you will be taken straight to the event pages to find out more information and how to enter;

Manchester 10k  |  Nottingham 10k

Bristol 10k  |  Leeds 10k

Cardiff 10k  |  York 10k

Birmingham 10k  |  Lincoln 10k

Hull 10k  |  Salford 10k



Bournemouth Marathon Festival - Supersonic 10k


£28.50 - £30.50






£25.75 - £27.85




Great Scottish Run 10k


£25.20 - £28




Men's 10k Glasgow


£19.75 - £23.75




Men's 10k Edinburgh


£ 17.55




Manchester 10k


£10 - £14.99




Chelmsford 10k


Free - £14.99



Muddy Runs

Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker


£55 - £70




Asics Oulton Park Half Marathon & 10K

£20 - £29

10 - 21.1KM



Royal Windsor 10km River Trail Run






Henley 10KM Trail Run

Henley on Thames





London Triathlon


£82.50 - £200

27/07/2019, 28/07/2019