Super Sprint Triathlon

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Super Sprint Triathlon
Super Sprint Triathlon
We have some great super sprint triathlon challenges for you to take part in. We list top events and have a full super sprint triathlon calendar for 2020

What is a Super Sprint Triathlon?

To answer the question of what a super sprint triathlon is, first we need to look a little more broadly into what exactly makes up any triathlon distance. With not just one, but 3 different sports coming together to form a full triathlon, this event is great option for anyone who doesn’t feel challenged enough with just running or cycling alone, or for those who would like to gain more experience in a variety of disciplines.

What disciplines make up a Super Sprint Triathlon?

As is the case with any triathlon, a super sprint includes 3 distances from the 3 different disciplines – swimming, cycling and running, respectively. You’ll also have to get used to transitioning between the three legs of the race, so being able to change quickly from your swimwear into your biking gear at super speed will come in handy if you’re aiming for a new PB!


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