Power walking – how can you benefit from it?

Power walking. What is it? The name might be a little self-explanatory. Walking… with power?  Well, there’s a little more to it than that!

a walker power walking as training

Power walking is an effective way of achieving a healthy body, including a healthier heart, insulin levels, BMI, posture and improve your general fitness levels. Regular walkers, you can make the step up to power walking easily with this few simple tips

  1. Engage your core to keep a good posture. Make sure to try and relieve any tension in your back or shoulders to stop you from slumping over while power walking
  2. Emphasise your regular arm motion. Swing your arms gently and in a controlled manner, taking care not to swing them too high!
  3. Shorten your strides and aim for speed. After all, that’s what power walking is – walking with a bit of extra oomph!

What are the benefits of power walking?

Power walking allows you to get your step count up in less time, and forces your body to move more intensely. This helps to raise your heart rate and improve heart health – but without the challenges of a more intense cardio or strength workout! 

10,000 steps a day is the target most people should aim for. Fitting in some power walking can help with overall weight loss and is ideal if you’re recovering from injury or if you’re feeling unfit