Tracking your fitness with Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8.1, found on phones such as Microsoft's Lumia range can be a suprisingly good workout partner. Stick in some headphones and let your phone do all the tracking

windows phone fitness

We’re looking at the Windows Phone today, which offers quite a comprehensive feature list to help with your health and well being. Ideally you’ll want to get one of the newer handsets such as as Lumia 630, 735, 830 or 930 as these devices all feature the new SensorCore features, which allow tracking of things like movement and GPS at a hardware level. 

Along with a SensorCore enabled phone, you’ll also want to get hold of the Microsoft's Health app (though it is likely pre-loaded on your Lumia anyway) as this allows you to visualise and actually see all the data collected by your phone. You’ll be able to get basics such as a step count, but this can be expanded to include other more vigorous forms of cardio. 

Combine this with the GPS sensor and you can easily keep a track of your runs and movements and map them out to help plan your best routes. The run tracking can give you time and distance details, as well as splits, so you can easily see lap timings and see if you can improve upon your time with a second or third go. Another cool feature is the ability to search for and read about various workouts and training plans that Microsoft have brought together to make it easier to find a great workout whenever it’s needed. 

So that about covers the fitness aspects, but what about health? Well you can add all your food and nutritional information in to the app and use the calorie tracker to see how you’re doing. Also, and quite unique to Windows Phones is the symptom tracker, which allows you to look up symptoms and provide help and support for any ailments you may have. 

To keep in tune with Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy with Windows, you can synch all your data to your Microsoft account and easily see it on their accompanying Windows 8 app on your computer. Fire up Health and Fitness on your PC and you can see all the data your phone has collected as well as add additional info like nutrition and have access to symptom tracker. You’ll also be given access to a collection of health news too, featuring any news stories about nutrition, exercise and more. 

Overall, Microsoft’s offerings for keeping track of your health and fitness are very comprehensive and more than enough for experienced trainers as well as new comers. The ability to easily see your data across devices really helps too as you may find in some cases it’s easier to see all your info on another device. 

Don’t forget that Microsoft do also offer their Microsoft Band fitness tracker too, which you can wear on your wrist and should provide you with even more data to help you keep an eye on your fitness!


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