Top 5: Obstacle Races in October

If you are looking for an Obstacle challenge in October, we have picked our top 5 events for you. There are plenty of contenders in this category so we have narrowed it down to ones that offer that little bit extra and that have added some extra mud in for good measure! 

Runners taking part in the Nottingham Mens Health Survival of The Fittest obstacle race

Men's Health Survival of the Fittest

Most people will have heard of Men's Health and they certainly use their weath of fitness knowlege to create a series of grueling events across the UK, this one features white water rapids, giant walls, stadium step climbs and more. Over 4000 people turn up each year to take part in this fast paced challenge which involves jumping in and out of water again and again.

Date: 10th October 2015

10k Bear Grylls Survival Race

This has made the top 5 as its the first ever Bear Grylls event, it will have over 35 obstacles including having to complete a penalty if you cant do one. It has a variety of options such as the ability to take part as a team, individually or even in the Elite Heat. We love the idea of 'Beat The Marine', if you finish ahead of the Marine wearing this t-shirt you'll win a special prize....though we arent sure beating a Royal Marine Commando and making them angry is the best idea!!

Date: 3rd October 2015

The Major Series

We have been to this Obstacle challenge before and absolutly loved it, from the Major's troops shouting encouragement right through to the giant slippy slide as we are big kids at heart! They have events in each region of the UK and actually have 2 events taking place in October with all kinds of obstacles such as deep trenches, log carries, barbed wire crawls and lake/river crossings. 

Date: 3rd October 2015 & 18th October 2015

Apocalypse at Allianz Park

Set in Allianz Park this is an obstacle race with a difference, the course is filled with zombies trying to infect anyone in their path. Your task is to outrun the zombie hoards, you've got to make it to the safe zone with at least one of the 3 life bands still attached to ensure you are not turned into a zombie. We love the sound of this event so much we are attending too, so make sure you practise your zombie evading skills and join us for what's sure to be an amazingly scary day!

Date: 31st October 2015

The Gauntlet Revisited

Featuring an all new route for 2015 this extremily muddy obstacle challenge has both a 5k and 10k option. Set in Spains Hall Estate in Braintree you are sure to get some fantastic scenery along with lots and lots of mud, they will have you climing, jumping, crawling, wading through rivers and mud pits. 

Date: 17th October 2015


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