Top 4 Walking Tips

Walking is an exercise almost all of us can do. It’s accessible for those at the start of their fitness journey, but it’s also enjoyable for anyone wanting to stay active and get fresh air in a low-impact way.

walkers out in the park

Don’t skip a warm-up

Walking may be a low-impact exercise but it’s still easy to pick up injuries along the way, especially if you want to walk fast or walk for long distances. Stretch your legs, ankles and hips, and start out slow before picking up the pace.

Use your arms

A simple way to build up walking speeds is to remember the other limbs you have! Swinging your arms naturally encourages your legs to move in sync and so you can pick up a faster pace. Try to keep your arms at 90 degrees if you want to perfect this trick. Just taking your hands out your pockets and allowing your arms to swing naturally is a great way to get your whole body moving.

Invest in some good walking shoes

Walking is indeed an exercise accessible to everyone and anyone, whatever their quality of footwear. But if walking is something you do often, or want to do more often, it’s worthwhile thinking about investing in a pair of sturdy and supportive walking shoes or trainers.

Keep that back straight

Maintain good posture to ensure your walking sessions don’t leave you aching or uncomfortable. Keep your tummy flat and engaged, and keep your head up. This will stop you from slouching.