The Mighty Deerstalker Video

The Deerstalker event is a mental battle and the ultimate test of endurance. Hidden in the Scottish Borders, this is the UK’s biggest mountain adventure run, which will take you through forest, rivers and mountains … all in the dark!

Taking part in the might deerstalking

First timers should try their luck with the 5 mile ‘Half Stalker’, before taking on the 10 mile ‘Full Stalker’. The ‘Double Stalker’ Is reserved for ultimate adrenaline junkies!

The ‘Mighty Beerstalker Afterparty’ will be waiting at the finishing line - dancing on tables is compulsory!  After battling the elements, the limits of your own mind and the urge to boogie, you can sleep safely at the provided campsite, or zhoosh your night up with the glamping package.

Sign up for the 14th March 2020 before checking out the video to give yourself a taster of what’s to come!