Top swimming tips for beginners

Swimming is a brilliant way of getting in the cardio without hurting your joints. Swimming works all parts of your body so it’s a great form of exercise to work into your routine. Here are some tips to make sure you’re smashing those lengths with ease!

A swimmer in a pool

Check the timetable at your local swimming pool

This one may seem obvious, but ensuring you’re at your pool at the right times can make the difference between a re-energising swimming session and a frustrating splash about sandwiched between a kids class and water polo practice.

Find out what lanes are reserved for what and go when you’re most likely to be able to focus and enjoy yourself

Invest in shaded goggles for outdoor swimming

Those blessed with a nearby outdoor pool to exercise in should invest in a pair of shaded goggles. Not only do they keep chlorine out your eyes, but they also act as sunglasses and protect your eyes from the sun. Make sure you also invest in some demisting fluid to use on your goggles before swimming to keep your vision crystal clear

Warm up properly!

Just because swimming is a little different to other forms of exercise doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the same process when warming up and cooling down! Start out gentle and do some easy lengths before you try anything more intense. A few minutes to warm up is worth it to ensure you don’t pull a muscle while swimming