The Gorilla Run

The Gorilla Run is an 8k event in London that you can choose to walk, jog or run whilst wearing a Gorilla suit. Now celebrating its 12th year, this event has raised over £2million for the gorilla conservation and poverty reduction projects in central Africa. Thousands of people keep coming back each year to ‘get their gorilla on’ and pass London’s most iconic landmarks on route such as Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.

gorillia run review

If you can make it to the event on 19th Sept 2015 the registration fee is £58, for this you’ll receive a race pack with Runners Number, Sponsorship forms and your very own fluffy gorilla suit. Obviously when it arrives you will need to test that the suit fits whilst having a good range of motion, we would suggest a quick jog (holding a banana) around your street and if any neighbor’s see you, bust out your best gorilla moves….that should do the trick!

In 2014 over 500 participants eagerly waited at the start line where they were met by Bill Oddie, the Great Gorilla Run’s race patron. Armed with giant blow-up bananas and some fancy gorilla tutus everyone was passed positive thoughts by Uri Gellar before setting off on the 8k course. We know what you are thinking and yes, he also bent some spoons before they set off!

Whilst being an extremely fun and enjoyable race it does help to highlight and support helping to save a species on the edge of extinction. All the sponsorship money goes towards the amazing work the Gorilla Organization is doing to continue their groundbreaking community conservation work in Africa. Without your support they couldn’t do this and as they have mentioned before, they give a huge silverback sized thank you to anyone who supports the event, if that wasn’t enough they even let you keep the gorilla suit!


Want to take part? Take a look at the Great Gorilla Run event in Sept 2016 to find out more