The Gauntlet Games: Video

The Gauntlet Games are unlike any other obstacle race - with a focus on fun rather than toughness. That's not to say this is a walk in the park, the games are packed with inflatables, water obstacles and climbs to get through before you get anywhere near the finish. 

Gladiator Events Gaulet Games obstacle race

Of course if you do make it past them, you also have to face the Gladiators themselves! These guys are just as tricky as the obstacles, and you'll have to use all your skill to make it past them. 

If you are brave enough to face them, then one final challenge awaits you - a rope swing, followed by a crash landing on a giant air bag across the finish line. In the Gauntlet Games, you have a chance to become a game show hero. Are you up to the challenge?

Fancy taking part? Check out the website here!