Back 2 the Trenches: Video

Back 2 the Trenches has been offering some of the funnest, muddiest obstacle courses since 2007. You can find events as small as 5k, and going all the way up to 24k. Featuring over 70 different obstacles, these runs will have you going through wooded trails and some of the most demanding hills. 

back 2 the trenches mud run obstacle course

Beginning in the Trenches, you must face your fear as you climb out and prepare to go over the top and prepare yourself for the Big Push. Fighting through No Man’s Land, you will be pushed to your limits - monkey bars, nets, wires, mud baths and pools - these races are tough!

Back 2 the Trenches run multiple events throughout the year, with some specifically aimed at a younger audience with their junior races. Check out the video below for some more info and a first hand look at what these obstacle events are like, and then check out the event itself and get yourself signed up!

Find out more on the back2thetrenches website.